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Greetings, I am the Mastermind behind this chaos, assisting me was my friend, who is alive. When they found out it was me, I was glad I didn’t want to kill off my friends. You may ask why I did this then. I will tell you, it was not for the same reason Junko did, I pretended I was crazy to hide the truth, this was the same reason that my friend faked his death, he couldn’t be found out.

All you need to know is that everything will be alright, everything will return back to normal, all we have to do is kill Makoto Naegi and we will be ready to reboot The Phoenix Experiment.

NOTE: If you read my OC Story you will know who the mastermind and their friend is, I just didn't say because I didn't want to reveal spoilers if someone was reading. This will be linked to my Danganronpa love story and to the second part of this story, which I hope you will enjoy when I post them.

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FluffyNinjaBunny6 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Ok nice speech
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August 15, 2014


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