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Hello, so this is my work, I hope you enjoy peeping through my old and new stuff. ^^

This Is Not A Stamp by ItsCrazyConnor


So these are artwork that I really like and appreciate, so if you want please take a look through to see if you can find art pieces from other people as well, also if your work is in my favorites then great job! ^^

Chapter 61- The Shower

Now, if you are young you may think old people sex is disgusting, and you may carry on thinking that, but Leon was still good at it. I was in the shower, rubbing the soap on my body, I may of had grey hair and some wrinkles, but I had aged well, and so had Leon who was nicely built, he jumped in the shower and grabbed me from behind. “Hey babe...” I could feel his torso muscles on my naked back, I dropped the soap, on purpose of course, making me bend over, he inserted his dick in my arse, and started fucking me doggy style, I flipped back up grabbing his hands as we played tonsil tennis with each other, I turned around, rubbing his body with the soup, and he rubbed mine too, I ran my fingers up his torso, pinching his nipples, as he fondled with mine, shower sex seemed like a good idea, until we slipped.


Chapter 62- Rocking it Out

Me and Leon had gone over Makoto’s house, he had a rock band playing there, it was just a time to have a good time and to get some drinks, I felt like a teenager, I was a party animal. Mukuro had told me she quit smoking, I was happy for her. Junko was chatting with Kane, I turned to Mukuro “So what do you actually do in this science experiment?” Mukuro stood frozen for a moment and then spoke “Err, we basically just look at the stars and planets, and make theories on how they’ll change over time...excuse me I need to go to the bathroom...” She walked off, she was hiding something.

But I decided to forget about it, having quite a few drinks with Leon and dancing and singing to the songs that were being played.


Chapter 63- Hangover

Yet again, I drank too much, but I was joined by Leon this time, we were passed out on our couch, I was in a t shirt that was too big for me, therefore looking like a dress on me, and Leon was just plain naked, my face was on his penis, I woke up to find it slightly in my mouth, I shot up coughing, what the hell happened last night, I didn’t know, but looks like Leon’s started snoring, or maybe that’s just the alcohol...

Chapter 64- Condom

Now me and Leon still had sex but it was messing around, we hadn’t taken it seriously in bed, so he was trying to put a condom on, “Do you think we’re getting too old for this?” He asked as he managed to get it on, he looked down at it, making sure it was secure. “No, of course we’re not, we could have sex when we’re like 100...” Leon didn’t carry on conversations much, so he just said “Ok.” And moved straight in. We had the TV on in the background, I saw a picture of Sayaka on there so I turned up the volume, “Sayaka Maizono died of a drug overdose yesterday.” Leon turned too, “Wow, didn’t see that one coming.” He said sarcastically. I smiled at his cheekiness and we carried on.


Chapter 65- Ageing

Maybe Leon was right about us getting too old for this, his back was hurting, as so was mine. We rubbed some pain relief cream on each other’s backs. “Yeah, we are getting too old for this...” I sighed, but then Leon said something clever “Well, we still have a way, oral and vaginal sex...” My fucking god he was right. So we took it in turns for pleasure, and I probably shouldn’t be talking to you kids about this.


Chapter 66- Car Crash

We went to visit Alicia and Ryu, Leon was driving, I was in the passenger seat next to him, I was so excited to see them, I answered my phone which was ringing, “Hello?” It was Celeste. “Hi there, Kath, sorry if you didn’t recognise the number I’m ringing from Kane’s.” She sounded panicked, “Celeste, what’s wrong?” She was silent for a moment, “Have you seen Kane recently, or has he said anything?” I was worried, was Kane missing or something? “No, I haven’t seen him since Makoto’s house party.” She replied “It’s just Kane’s been really strange recently; I can tell he’s hiding something from me...” If Kane was hiding something from Celeste, then it might have been the science experiment, Mukuro was hiding something about that too...I was just about to answer back, when I felt the car take a swerve, Leon tried to avoid a kid who was chasing a ball across the road, the car crashed into a lamppost, I blacked out for a few seconds waking up, Celeste was panicking “Kath? KATH!?” I unbuckled my seatbelt to get out of the car, collapsing on the road, I took a look back in the car, I was fine but Leon had his face down in the air bag, “Le-on...” I collapsed to the floor.


Chapter 67- Alive

I woke up fine, I had done a bit of damage to my left arm, which was in a sling, I asked the doctor about Leon, who was on the bed right next to me, he had a head injury, but he was going to make it through, he just needed to get some rest, as for me I could go home when I wanted to, but I wanted to stay with Leon, I held his hand and kissed it, “It’s ok Leon...” I mumbled something in his sleep, “It’s ok Kath, you’re a phoenix rising from the ashes...”

Chapter 68- Nurse

Everyone came to check on us to see if we were fine, of course we were, and they were so glad that we were still around, they left plenty of flowers for Leon who had suffered the bigger injury, but he was awake now, I had a surprise for him, I came next to him, closing the curtains, he looked up with a smirk, I was in a nurse costume, I pleasured him using my hands, and he was enjoying it, but then the doctor opened the curtains to see me and Leon, “Well, I guess you two are ok to go home then...” He had a slight frown on his face, but we knew he thought it was funny, he had told us if we were experiencing any pains, or sick feelings that we should go back for checkups.


Chapter 69- Bike Ride

As Mondo’s welcome home gift, he got us a motorcycle, he invited us out for a ride, Leon had already rode one before, so I was clutched on Leon’s back, on Mondo’s back was Ishimaru who decided to join in, I never thought he would be the type, I mean he was screaming for his life, so maybe he wasn’t the type...


Chapter 70- Picnic

I found out that Ishimaru had came because he was bringing food for a picnic, “NO BRO, LOOK OUT IT’S AN ANT!”  He whacked Mondo’s sandwich from his hand, which had the ant on. Now, I expected Mondo to kick off, but instead he hugged Ishimaru “THANKS BRO!” Me and Leon were shocked at this, maybe they were just getting old, I told myself, but I felt there was something going on. Ishimaru had apparently cooked this all himself, but then he told us Mondo assisted him as well, which I didn’t expect as well.

They made scones, they tasted like the ones I used to have at home, Ishimaru added that he was looking for traditional British scone recipes, I laughed, that was very thoughtful of him. I was just eating through then when I sensed some uneasiness, Leon turned to me “Hey Kath, are you ok?” Mondo and Ishimaru looked at me worried, next I knew I passed out.

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Hi there, so my name is Kane and I'm from Britain, however I'm not your stereotypical British person who likes his tea and who is very posh "Indeed".
Nope, I'm just a lover of art and drama, which both I get good compliments on. I love candy, which I'm guessing everyone does, although I like all food, yes,
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I really love video games too, especially Gmod, I love the various gamemodes you get, including Gmod Murderer, I'm a crazy kid who's very excitable and can't
help keeping something to myself, I'm one hell of an open book, and I love it, also I like drawing in many different styles so my work is varied, so basically I don't what else to say here, except.......I like cookies? Can I put that there?

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