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Hello, so this is my work, I hope you enjoy peeping through my old and new stuff. ^^

This Is Not A Stamp by ItsCrazyConnor


So these are artwork that I really like and appreciate, so if you want please take a look through to see if you can find art pieces from other people as well, also if your work is in my favorites then great job! ^^

Chapter 71- Problems

I was brought to the hospital, we thought that this might have something to do with the car crash, but what we found was worse. “I’m sorry to say Mrs. Kuwata, you have caught a rare, incurable disease.” The doctor’s words came to me clear, they hit me hard. “We don’t know the cause, we name it Despair Fever, and the last patient we had, died within two months...” The words hung like a noose around my neck, Leon was screaming, he couldn’t believe it, neither could Ishimaru or Mondo. Two months, no, I’m not ready to die. Please no!


Chapter 72- Train

“Two months!?” Junko was crying, Mukuro was tearing up too, we were on the train, I told Leon he could stay at home. I hated it, I hated having this, I know why they called it Despair Fever now, it made everyone sad around me. Mukuro held my hand “No, I don’t want you to go!” She cried into my hand, luckily the doctor said that this couldn’t spread from another person, but it just randomly happened. I smiled, but still in tears, “I’ll always be with you two...” I showed the sister necklace Junko gave me, “We’re sisters.”


Chapter 73- December Wish

It was December, my birthday to be exact, it was a traditional birthday, everyone was there to celebrate, Leon had made his own cake for me. He sat next to me, kissing me, I could still see the sadness on his face, “Make a wish, my phoenix...” I thought a while, I could have wished to live, but it seemed selfish, I decided to wish for everyone to be happy from now on, even when I’m gone...I blew the candles and everyone cheered, I kissed Leon, it was as passionate as it could get there.


Chapter 74- Poker

Most had left the party, there was just me, Leon, Celeste and Kane, we all sat around the table for a game of poker, Celeste was winning of course, but Kane had some skill too, I mean he was an actor, it was a nice little game, just a little bit of chat, I looked at Celeste and Kane, I remember Celeste was worried about what Kane was keeping from her, I was dying, and I didn’t want her left feeling like that so after the game, I went to talk to Kane, “I think it’s about time I retire...” Before I could explain why he said “Because you haven’t got long to live and you want to see what’s so secret about this experiment...” Just like Celeste he could read people easily, I nodded in small shame, but he accepted “We’re friends after all.” I smiled and shook his hand, “I’ll retire tomorrow.”


Chapter 75- Retirement

I had to tell my boss I was retiring from the portrait business, he understood, he hugged me “You were the best, you know that right Kath?” I was in tears “Thanks boss...” He said he had started a charity to find a cure to Despair Fever, it was a nice thought, but I would be long gone then...

As for my small job as a waitress, I shared a last drink with the other waitresses and a bit of gossip, it was a nice time, but now I was ready to find out what this experiment was all about...


Chapter 76- Family Game Night

Alicia had came over with Chris, who had grown up a little, we were having a family game night, by that I mean video games, sure we did play some board games, we also played jenga, which was brilliant fun. I hadn’t played on any video games in a long time, but they were my favourite thing when growing up. I remember my PS2, I still had the old thing and it works perfectly, I even had my Nintendo GameCube...Chris seemed to get his gaming spirit from me, as it was always me and him who were in the lead, I won overall of course, I told him “Your nanna still has it in her!” He laughed at me, hugging me...I looked around me, my life was wonderful, and I didn’t want to leave it this early...




Chapter 77- Romantic Evening

Leon brought me out for a meal, a fancy restaurant, he got the table in the corner with no windows, he knew I liked it darker, was a small lit candle, that gave off the scent of coconuts, with wild petunias and red roses, he knew me well. My starter, just some onion rings, main being Spaghetti Bolognese and dessert being Sticky Toffee was beautiful, I was holding his hands, I looked at my ring, I looked at the writing on it, “Forever together, my phoenix.” I still wanted to know what his obsession was with me being a phoenix, “Leon, why am I phoenix to you?” You smiled “You ever heard the legend of the phoenix?” I nodded, I was familiar that it was a bird that it would be reborn over and over again. “Well, together forever, plus you being a phoenix...” It made sense now, and it was a sweet sentiment. I started crying, as so did he, I leaned over the table to kiss him, I loved him so much.


Chapter 78- Staying Home

I still had half a month left, and I didn’t want to die in a hospital, I wanted to stay home, therefore Leon would be there when I passed and would be able to say goodbye, but I still had the science experiment, I found out what they meant by time and space, I couldn’t tell Celeste, I wanted this so bad, we were nearly successful, so close to our goal.

I spent my day with Leon we were lying together in bed, watching an action movie. He had me in his arms as I relaxed my head on his chest, I was feeling a bit tired, but I needed to stay awake. The movie had finished and Leon kissed me goodnight, this was the last kiss that we would share. He turned on his side and fell asleep, I texted Junko “I’m heading over there now.”


Chapter 79- Goodbye

This science experiment was big, it had to be done in secret because the government wouldn’t allow it, I kissed Leon on his cheek as I went to leave the house, I took his car and drove over to Kane’s warehouse, I walked in, Junko, Mukuro, Makoto and Kane was there. “We’ve got it working!” Makoto jumped up and down in excitement, Junko ran to me “There’s even better news Kath! When we use this time travel we will be younger, so you won’t have the disease!” That’s right, time and space, when I said to Kane “You don’t mean time travel?” He did mean it, but he didn’t want to share that until he knew I was committed to it.

This is why I wanted it, I named it the Phoenix Experiment, I would be reborn and would be able to live this life all over again, and I would know how to make the machine again as well. The machine had 5 pods, the one on the very right had a switch in it, we would be brought back to the time I joined the school, the only thing we couldn’t be sure of is if we would replace the people there, or we would end up having clones of us, if that did happen we would have to take care of them. We all got in our pods, Makoto first, Kane second, Mukuro third and me fourth, we let Junko have the honour of pulling the switch. Junko was about to get in when the doors opened, a large group of men with guns came in, Celeste was there too “Kane! I know all about it!” Kane looked furiously “God dammit Celestia!” There was a man with a gun there “Miss. Enoshima, do not even think about pulling that lever! We will be forced to shoot if you do!” No, I needed to see Leon again! “Kath! I know you want to live with Leon again, but there are so many risks! This world will be destroyed!” I shook my head, “We will all be reborn, it doesn’t matter if this world is destroyed, and I can start all over again with Leon, again! And again! I can’t leave him!”

Celeste stuttered, Mukuro shouted to Junko “Go on sis! Pull the switch!” Junko was sweating, her hands on the switch...”Miss. Enoshima! I will not say it again! Let go or be killed!”

Junko started taking now “There may be risks yes, but this is for science, but it may have risks, but Kath will be saved, but there may be risks!” She kept going back and forth, she started tearing up, “No.” We all turned our heads to her, the men had their guns ready. “It doesn’t matter, because no matter, Mukuro and Kath will be sisters!” She pulled down the lever, “FIRE NOW!” We heard a quick sound of flying bullets, but she had already pulled it, it was a very weird feeling, I was standing in the air, with images of my memories, Alicia getting married, to Alicia being born, to me marrying Leon, to us having sex for the first time, to him saving me on the beach, to him bumping into me, to him on the baseball field, to him in the classroom, and then to me entering the doors of Hope’s Peak Academy...” It was a wonderful life, and now I got to relive it again.


Chapter 80- Several Years Back

We all fell onto a grassy area, this was the risk, we should have woken up in the school, replacing ourselves in the past, but this was on a field, therefore meaning we had clones here, we just planned to get rid of them, it sounded horrible but we had to kill them so we could take their place, but there was a problem. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I heard Mukuro screaming next to me, Junko was on the floor, she was too late, the bullets got her, we all ran over to her, she had a smile on her face...”We-we did it guys...” I started crying, Junko was now dying instead of me...”No, Junko, we’ll get you help!” Mukuro was desperate, the sun was shining through, and this is what it was like on my first day...”I-it’s ok Mukuro, I saved you Kath, I’m glad I could do that, and it doesn’t matter...” She pulled out her necklace, “Be-because we’re sisters...” Her hand fell to the floor. Mukuro was screaming. Makoto pointed out “I know it may not be the same, but there’s still another Junko can be her sister now...”

He was wrong, because there was another big fault to the experiment.

We called this The Ultimate Despair, now we didn’t know how this happened, but we had done something to the machine, that generated a field that messed with someone’s head, that was the Junko that was still alive...also, this was an alternate universe...I never even came to the school here, I never met Leon, and I thought oh well, I can still meet him, but no.

The Junko of this world had changed, she became crazy, and had a thirst for despair, this is the point of the class trials, where several students had died due to Junko, this is how Mukuro faked her death, because there was actually two of them, Mukuro took the identity of Tanya Marshall, to avoid this fact being discovered, but Leon had died...we had to stop this Junko, but she ended up killing herself. Makoto left us, saying what we were going to do was too risky.

We wanted to make the time machine again, to do this we had to kill off Kane’s clone and mine, but we also had to kill Makoto’s clone too. So Tanya made a series of kidnappings occur, in which she had kidnapped my clone, having her killed in the games, then there was Kane’s clone, we gave him gullible pills to make him commit a crime, hoping he would be caught and he was, so Tanya/Mukuro executed him. In the final act, she pretended to be crazy by brutally killing one of the students and revealed she was the mastermind, to hide the fact what our true plans were.

We just had to kill of Makoto’s clone now, but we learned that the Makoto from our world was the leader of the Future Foundation, and that the clone Makoto, along with several others knew what we were doing.

So, you must understand that Tanya and Kane started the class trials again, so we could all live again, so Kane could bring back Celeste, Tanya could bring back Junko, and I could bring back Leon, it’s ok my love, we will be together again.

Carried on in Danganronpa Afterlife 2

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Hi there, so my name is Kane and I'm from Britain, however I'm not your stereotypical British person who likes his tea and who is very posh "Indeed".
Nope, I'm just a lover of art and drama, which both I get good compliments on. I love candy, which I'm guessing everyone does, although I like all food, yes,
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I really love video games too, especially Gmod, I love the various gamemodes you get, including Gmod Murderer, I'm a crazy kid who's very excitable and can't
help keeping something to myself, I'm one hell of an open book, and I love it, also I like drawing in many different styles so my work is varied, so basically I don't what else to say here, except.......I like cookies? Can I put that there?

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